Hello, I'm Laura, your personal assistant!
I am a free mobile phone application and I will help you to translate what you need to for technical
work anytime, anywhere.
With approximately 29,000 words and 5,000 pictures I will help you with your daily international
work. I speak both German and English to ensure that language barriers are quickly and easily
Free of charge, and available offline, I am always there for you. Together we will complete the task at

The different areas in which I can provide assistance with pictures and translations are:

Pain, which you will hopefully never have!

Tools for

electrical engineering


hydraulic system


But I am also there for you in everyday things.

Of course, I also remember your own translations and pictures.

May I introduce you to several travelers which I support on their daily work?

"Laura?" " Das passende, smarte Werkzeug immer am Mann...

seit 2003 international tätig für verschiedene Unternehmen.

Stefan M.

Internationaler Monteur

Ohne Laura, ohne mich!

mit 5 Jahren Erfahrung im Laseranlagenbau

Jens H.

Internationaler Servicetechniker

Ohne LauraTheApp bist Du in der Welt oft verloren!

mit mehr als 20 Jahren Berufserfahrung im europäischen und internationalen Feld um Maschinen aufzubauen und zu reparieren

Frank G.

Veteran im Anlagen- und Maschinenbau

Seit 2016 überzeugter Nutzer von LauraTheApp. Er geht seitdem internationale Wege

Rene B.

Reisender Industriemechatroniker in der Automobilbranche

Laura – The App is intended for entrepreneurs and employers in the international mechanical engineering, plant construction and crafts sectors:

Technical sales representatives and service technicians are charged an average of €50 –
In the event of a warranty claim, costs must be kept low and savings are always welcome.
Without long explanations; the tools we need for our work are often difficult to transport
and not easy to get.
For example: screw clamps, jig saws, torque wrenches etc, must often be provided onsite.
Unfortunately, local specialists don’t usually know what the terms are in English.
This is where Laura – The App comes in, explaining what is required to complete your job while you’re
onsite, offline or online in picture form! Special tools or terms can even be added later by users
locally on their smartphone inside the app.
With Laura – The App, new specialists, as well as experts with next to no language talent, are given a
tool to better communicate, to do a good job and above all; to save time.

Our motivation:

First and foremost, we want to help all travellers, whether from trade or industry, to assert
themselves better internationally. We all know that stress and pressure levels are extremely high in
these jobs, so it is unnecessarily nerve-wracking to lose time just because of communication
problems. Nevertheless, jobs abroad are a unique opportunity to get to know foreign people and
cultures on a completely different level than you would on holiday.
We want to offer this opportunity to more people. For this reason, we provide Laura – The App free
of charge.
Yours sincerely,
Your Laura – The App Team
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